There are several signs to look for when when attempting to identify an illegal conversion. Below is a list of common signs that may indicate an illegal conversion is taking place or has already occurred.

Excessive number of electricity meters
Excessive number of air conditioning unites
Covered dumpsters
Excessive number of dumpsters being replaced on a regular basis
Unusually clean work site
Barred windows
No work permits / incorrect permits
No contractor sign
Large groups of people coming and going at unusual hours (eg late at night)
Large quantities of building materials being brought into the house (such as steel beams, drywall, etc.)
Large quantities of building materials being removed from the house (such as drywall, plywood, soil)
Large quantities of building materials may indicate that a house is being gutted. Removal of large amounts of soil is a sign that the basement of the house is being excavated.


What should I do if I spot an illegal conversion?

Make a complaint to 311 or contact your local officials.

Contact us with any questions or inquiries.