The Brooklyn Housing Preservation Alliance is a grassroots organization founded by residents of Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge.  We are committed to preserving the character of  homes and preventing them from being illegally converted into  multi-family or single-room occupancy (SRO) dwellings.  Illegally converted homes have an extremely detrimental impact on every aspect of our community.  They not only contradict zoning rules that are in place to protect the contextual character of a community, but  they also put first responders and residents at risk of injury or death.  Furthermore, they cause real estate taxes to increase and make homes and rental apartments less affordable while placing significant strains on all public services such as schools, police, fire, sanitation and utilities.  They prey on people seeking affordable housing that have nowhere else to go. They destroy the very essence of the community where people have chosen to live.

We have rapidly expanded to include other neighborhoods such as Bensonhurst and Sunset Park in our cause. Other neighborhoods in New York City are welcome to join us too.

Our mission is to protect the character of these neighborhoods and the residents who live in them by generating awareness of the issue, educating our neighbors, and working with our elected officials and city agency leaders.

Our vision is to protect the contextual characters of these communities and maintain them for generations to come.

Please note: While we encourage members of the community to be involved and discuss this topic, comments that are disrespectful, abusive, or racist will not be tolerated. They do no reflect our views and are subject to immediate removal. This applies to any other social media pages that we manage.